Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Kid: "I hope I get diabetes when I grow up." Mom: "Uhhhhh"

I began looking for an online group when my daughter decided that she wanted to be a diabetic. While this was mildly flattering, it concerned me that I wasn't prepared to explain diabetes to her. She has recently become aware of my blood sugar status and I have been hoping to hear more about how other fathers and mothers have coped with this.

Great idea for a website. I know the difficulties of living with this diesease and raising children. My daughters are ages 15 and 16. They have had to deal with this disease their whole life. Recently, my daughter Laura(15) asked if she could design a website for children of diabetics. She wanted to reach out to others who dealt with moms with low blood sugars. Maybe this can be her avenue.
Thanks so much for sending your comment! My daughter has recently been fascinated with my pump, but also terribly worried if I have to veer 'off course' during our day to get a snack. She has become so curious that keeping my diabetes off her list of worries seems impossible. I do not want to burden her, but I want to be honest as well. Its a tough process, to say the least.
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