Sunday, November 27, 2005


Thanksgiving Inspired Recording Binge!!

Feeling like you need to count the carbs just one more time? During December, I think I am going to go on a recording binge - I usually wait until winter has really set in for this - but since keeping 100% vigilant with numbers and ratios isn't easy to do 24/7, perhaps I can call a Thanksgiving - to - Christmas number recording marathon. And if I keep it up?? What will I reward myself with? A


Imaginary Battles - Type 1 vs. Type 2

Recently I heard some sad news about a friend's brother who died of several complications at a young age, including type 1 diabetes. After talking about other things, the brother and I had a conversation that I've heard several times now, about children with type 1 who have parents that have developed type 2. The sentiment? Rage! We all know, of course, that this another manifestation of "blaming the victim" and that no one can be blamed for developing a disease. As for the rage, I've heard it stated in many ways, but the idea is that the parent, friend, grandparent, etc. has brought the disease on themselves, while the child who gets diabetes was dietarily innocent when diagnosed. Do any of you have similar stories? The type 1 children feel angry about the complaints heard from a Type 2 diabetic about blood testing ("You know, they may tell you, I have to use that thing once a day!") I think the concept is fascinating, it seems a strange way to access the feeling that we (people who've had the disease since childhood) feel cheated. No one deserves diabetes.

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