Monday, July 17, 2006


Lifestyle Changes Vs. Management

A response to a post of mine got me thinking about the ways people deal with blood sugar control - via management (counting carbs, adjusting ratios, choosing the right endocrinologist, selecting equipment, calculating X-carbs, etc) and lifestyle issues (reducing stress, having good communication with your healthcare team, self-confidence, sense of community, etc). I've tried to keep an "eye" on which approach is dominating my thinking at any given time. Am I checking every post-prandial number or am I getting enough sleep? Am I sticking to the numbers and checking my daily averages and totals in chart form, or am I taking that precious half hour to talk to a loved one about how being a diabetic makes me feel? Am I carefully monitoring my blood sugar through out a work out or am I taking my friend up on an offer to go for long walk without focusing on being a diabetic? Sure, one can do both, but it isn't as easy as it sounds, and its in these little moments that balances shift. The management approach has clear results that can be easily quantified. The other approach, when not directly related to carbohydrates and insulin, is not easily quantified, and yet seems to be more than just subjective. While this dichotomy is being used to make a point, I think it is interesting that one "mindset" - management - can induce stress more easily - it can feel like a game that you keep trying to "beat" but never succeed at conquering. The other "mindset" - changing lifestyle choices - by its very nature is supposed to reduce that sense of failure.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Diabetes Obituary

Robert Barrett (Syd) passed away this week. I remember listening to early Pink Floyd a lot when I was 16, around the time I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I didn't understand either of them (diabetes or Pink Floyd) very well at the time, but they spoke to me on 'another level.' I still love songs like Arnold Layne and Bike and See Emily Play, even "Careful with that Axe Eugene." I think I understand them both a little better. Both sad stories, at times.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yoga and Diabetes

Why yoga? "Type 1 diabetes is caused by No production of insulin and this is very difficult to treat with Yoga."
From the Yoga Journal: "But because people under stress have elevated blood sugar levels, it's difficult to determine whether asanas and meditation work because they relax patients or because specific poses stimulate the pancreas, causing it to release more insulin." I've found that any time I spend on being "focused," a very difficult time spent indeed, it seems to effect my blood sugar positively. However, Yoga always seems to get aerobic when I do it, even just strength exercises. See previous post on 10/1/05!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Beach Pump

This beach nix (pictured above) was kindly reminding me to take off my pump at the beach yesterday. She's tuned in to its existance in a gentle way - it makes me feel great to know she takes it all in stride.

I was happy to have a long time Type 1 come up to me at the beach and ask about the pump. Even though we were strangers, the pump seemed to make us instant compadres. She had been considering getting a pump, but being a big fan of the beach, didn't like the idea of having a delicate instrument to cart around. I was happy to explain that having the pump at the beach is relatively easy, you just have to take it off and cover it up once in a while for swimming and move it to the shade while you're lying down.

But that bratty pump! What a stinker, it started having problems as soon as my impromtu advertisement was over. The battery case has slowly been cracking and I'm calling in for a replacement. Anyone else have 'sandy pump' issues? This wasn't actually a beach problem, per se, but I feel like I've been taking good care of the thing by keeping it wrapped at the beach, and everywhere else. The battery case is easily harmed by a mindless bump on the kitchen counter, bathroom sink, or the inevitable tiny bits of sand and dust. How many replacements have you had to get? It still works, but that thin plastic is not very durable. Anyway, happy summer! I'm sticking by my endorsement, its really not a big deal to have at the beach. And thanks for the sticker recommendation, Kerri! I'm definitely getting some!

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