Sunday, July 02, 2006


Beach Pump

This beach nix (pictured above) was kindly reminding me to take off my pump at the beach yesterday. She's tuned in to its existance in a gentle way - it makes me feel great to know she takes it all in stride.

I was happy to have a long time Type 1 come up to me at the beach and ask about the pump. Even though we were strangers, the pump seemed to make us instant compadres. She had been considering getting a pump, but being a big fan of the beach, didn't like the idea of having a delicate instrument to cart around. I was happy to explain that having the pump at the beach is relatively easy, you just have to take it off and cover it up once in a while for swimming and move it to the shade while you're lying down.

But that bratty pump! What a stinker, it started having problems as soon as my impromtu advertisement was over. The battery case has slowly been cracking and I'm calling in for a replacement. Anyone else have 'sandy pump' issues? This wasn't actually a beach problem, per se, but I feel like I've been taking good care of the thing by keeping it wrapped at the beach, and everywhere else. The battery case is easily harmed by a mindless bump on the kitchen counter, bathroom sink, or the inevitable tiny bits of sand and dust. How many replacements have you had to get? It still works, but that thin plastic is not very durable. Anyway, happy summer! I'm sticking by my endorsement, its really not a big deal to have at the beach. And thanks for the sticker recommendation, Kerri! I'm definitely getting some!

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