Sunday, November 27, 2005


Imaginary Battles - Type 1 vs. Type 2

Recently I heard some sad news about a friend's brother who died of several complications at a young age, including type 1 diabetes. After talking about other things, the brother and I had a conversation that I've heard several times now, about children with type 1 who have parents that have developed type 2. The sentiment? Rage! We all know, of course, that this another manifestation of "blaming the victim" and that no one can be blamed for developing a disease. As for the rage, I've heard it stated in many ways, but the idea is that the parent, friend, grandparent, etc. has brought the disease on themselves, while the child who gets diabetes was dietarily innocent when diagnosed. Do any of you have similar stories? The type 1 children feel angry about the complaints heard from a Type 2 diabetic about blood testing ("You know, they may tell you, I have to use that thing once a day!") I think the concept is fascinating, it seems a strange way to access the feeling that we (people who've had the disease since childhood) feel cheated. No one deserves diabetes.

my reaction to T2 is often tempered by the fact that there is a huge genetic component - I actually feel bad b/c it's all placed on their behavioral shoulders when in fact their genes do play a part. I know plenty of overweight out of shape people who don't have diabetes.

On the other hand, I do wish there were different names for the different types, so that I could skip an explanatory step or two.

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I have a different take on this.

I have two friends with children with type 1. Both friends were exceedingly involved with their children's diabetes and love their children to the max. Subsequently they each developed LADA. They don't complain about it. But do you think on some spiritual level they so wanted to empathize with their children's experience with type 1 that they went on to develop it themselves? I know this is "out there" but it's something to contemplate.

I have a strong family history of type 2 . My son was dx'd with type 1 when he was 15 months old. I do see my blood sugars going up postprandially with certain meels...feel guilty that I don't eat right and exercise perfectly like the media suggests I should. I have discussed the bgs with my son and the thoughts of taking insulin if the bg goes above 200. Is this wrong?
I think that's an interesting idea. I don't know much about LADA but I will look it up. Of course everyone's circucmstances are so different, especially from family to family. I am sure, however, that the level of involvement that family members have with each other makes a huge difference.
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