Saturday, September 24, 2005


Screening Children for Type 1

Physicians recommend that children and silblings of type 1 diabetics get screened for evidence of the disease. Have any of you had your children screened? At what age? How did they respond to the process? I am very curious about the best way to approach this. Thanks for you ideas!

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Because there's not yet anything they can do when they ID a child who is likely to develop diabetes, I haven't had my sons tested. I know the symptoms well enough, I think, to see it if it develops. However, if they were having routine bloodwork done, I would see about adding the test(s) to the mix if it would help a research study. I just don't want to do a blood draw unless necessary.

Genetic testing is only done as part of studies. is a good place to check and see what studies are out there.

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