Monday, September 12, 2005


Tsunami Effect

While I usually have problems with low blood sugar, highs are occasionally in the picture. Last night, I must have had a site problem; I became extremely lethargic so I whipped out the meter - 425????? It had been 65 before I changed my site that afternoon so I assumed it was in an old scarred up spot where I used to do injections. I changed my site and bolused but woke up high still, 295. I thought, I am in a hurry, I'll give myself one more bolus and see how it does - within 15 minutes it was down to 179, I was feeling like crap due to the intense swing. How does parenting fit in? This was all happening while I was getting my groggy kid ready for school. My options were to stop everything and hang out at home until I "settled" or keep going and assume things would sort themselves out. I imagine that many parents feel reluctant to stop their child's routine for their issues, but sometimes they should when their care is so important. The compromise - interruption - inconvenience, etc is a tough one to call. Any similar experiences out there?

I wanted to post something to you but I guess this is how I do it. I just wanted to say hello and I am right there with you. Being mom to me this is hard to say but sometimes I put it way first and taking care of me comes second. I have bloodsugars that go up and down. It sucks and is very hard to deal with. I take lantic and novolog. The hard part is that my hubby is in the army and the docs suck. They are really bad. I don't know who to turn to or talk to. My son is two. I passed out on him once. I was at the hospital that day having a doc appt. So lucky for me I was taken care of. The best care I ever got was at Fort Bragg NC from a internal med doc. Wish I could go back there. Funny to hear me say that I am sure because we live in Hawaii now. Like it but ya know I liked it when I had the support of a good doc. Please email me or get on my IM's so we can chat. Would love to talk to a new friend. Brenda
Thanks so much for telling me about your experiences. I often idealize what I'm supposed to accomplish, and strive to be too perfect...a common way to disappoint yourself. Anyway, I have found that without great support from Doctors, taking care of diabetes is really impossible. I sometimes wonder about moving to Boston to be near Joslin, but NYC is my home. I also find that because most people are unfamiliar with Type 1 diabetes care, finding sympathetic support isn't easy. You can email me anytime;
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