Sunday, October 02, 2005


Background Info: Seizure Number One, or Why I Loved the Red Sox for 2 Minutes

There's a long lead-up to this story, but the short version goes like this: I eat a huge dinner (Thai food) and have a long walk. I must have miscalculated something somewhere - the walk? the rice noodles? I get sleepy after dinner. Then I realize I can't move. I'm conscious, but I can't move. I've landed on the couch, and I can't say anything, or move my muscles.....eventually I'm in the hospital, and I am still listening to the people around me organize to revive me. I'm stunned by the whole process, and frustrated beyond belief that my body's stopped working.

There were two attending physicians at the time, young guys having a laugh while they worked on their "unconscious" patient. They start arguing about baseball, and whether or not Boston's had a 'chance.' This is 1999. The Doctors are funny, but to them I was just another wacko in a NYC emergency room. No reason to keep me in the loop, right. I desperately wanted to communicate but my mouth wouldn't move.

To tell the truth, I have usually been a Yankees fan, but I spent my summers in Boston and as the Glucagon kicked in....instead of saying who I was or what my condition was....I shouted "I'm From BOSTON!" The doctors had a good laugh. They had no idea I was listening.

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