Monday, October 17, 2005


I've hardly slept a wink...

Children, chronic illness, working full time and living in NYC don't add up to a good night's rest. The solution? Try harder to get to bed early? Well, if you've tried it, you know it isn't easy, plus the "trying harder" part seems antithetical to the effort. Exercise? It works, but finding the time to do it regularly is not easy. I've tried opting for the multi-tasker's dream solution: do it all, just not that much of it all! Although the guilt I feel for not being able to do everything recommended is hard to overcome, I am trying to be satisfied with the idea that if everyday I'm trying at least one of the things on the list, I'll be OK. I try to exercise regularly, but sometimes that only adds up to once or twice a week. Going to bed early? Maybe three times a week if I'm lucky. Taking multi-vitamins? I can do that everyday. Eat a completely healthy diet? I'd say that if pizza's not completely healthy, then I get a good 6 days in. Check my basals, bolus ratio and correction ratio? On Sundays I try to sum up my week's numbers and re-adjust, it just isn't easy to do it everyday. All together that's not too bad. When I think of one thing at a time, I feel like I haven't done much, but when I add it all up, I get a little relief. And of course, if I've stayed up late to read Peter Pan to a hyper tornado sweetheart so that school will be fun tomorrow, I can forgive myself for not being able to do it all.

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