Saturday, October 08, 2005


Work, Work, Work

After a long day at work that involves paying attention to 120 children, then a long evening at home that involves somehow more attention paid to 1 child, I wonder how I ever get around to paying attention to myself! Needless to say, it ain't easy. I have a few things I do to make mental and physical space for myself. All parents have trouble finding time for themselves, I imagine that parents with chronic diseases that require their attention need more tips than most. One of the best tips I read was in the book "Diabetes Burnout." It suggested little things that make being a diabetic more tolerable. For example, I've tried to say to myself that I am "checking" my blood, not "testing" it - as a teacher I can see how using the word test adds a little pass/fail moment into the day that doesn't need to be there! Another great tip from "Diabetes Burnout" - slow down when you eat. After my daughter was born, my husband and I noticed that we gulped down our meals as if they were prison food, knowing that we were not going to last long at the dinner table without a spill, splash or scream! Well after our daughter got over this stage, we were still eating like hounds at a kill (of vegetables, but still). Now we try to consciously slow down, taste our food, etc. For more on this way of thinking, check out - an intelligent movement who's subtle message probably has a lot of meaning for stressed out diabetics.

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