Saturday, January 07, 2006


The Wabi Sabi Dream

The dream is to find a place where I can house all of my "stuff" - infusion sets, instruction manuals, diabetic cookbooks, etc. A doctor that can understand how difficult it is to make appointments with my "diabetes team" when many other teams need my time (the family team, the school team, the building team, the public team) and to never have to think "I've lost site of the concept of doing it for myself." To combine a career, motherhood, and a healthy life sustainably.

So, if I keep that in mind, will I get closer, or should I scrap the whole idea get wabi-sabi about diabetes?? (Wabi Sabi Primer Here Live with imperfections proudly?

"Wabi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is the beauty of things modest and humble. It is the beauty of things unconventional."

I don't know much about this newly popular trend (Wabi-Sabi) but it certainly sounds more realistic than the mode i was working in as a parent, as a diabetic, and as a person.

Wabi-Sabi - this is new for me...what a lovely concept and the timing is perfect.

Some of us may feel we need an extra house to "house" the diabetes supplies. I know we have them in several places around our home. And of course the ever present trail of used bg strips under cushions, in the cat litter box, next to the toilets, in the car yada yada yada. We don't have any diabetic cookbooks but we have plenty of vegetarian and ethnic ones...gathering dust because I prefer "take out". ;-) I'm a wabi-sabi mother :-)
Thanks so much for your comments! After getting another huge box from minimed, I think trying out the "imperfect beauty" idea helped not worry about organizing the stuff ASAP! Now as for the Playmobils....
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