Sunday, February 05, 2006


Longest Living Type 1? Who Knew?

Today's New York Times cover had a story about 2 diabetic brothers. click here for article While I cringed at learning that one is the oldest person to survive so many years with Type 1 (I didn't know it was so rare), it was never-the-less an encouraging article. The nod to hard work was well placed, and the optimism in tune. My younger brother was diagnosed at 7, and I at 16. I'm grateful to have been born later in the century, however, when blood testing and insulin pumps are available, and of course I hope to live to see a cure.

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Hey there, I get your point about the good news/bad news aspect of these brothers. Until you think about the fact that their survival after 40+ years of diabetes without blood sugar monitoring, etc. So many stats are based on a whole different generation of people with diabetes - it'll be interesting to see what numbers 'our' generation puts up!
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