Sunday, March 12, 2006


How Do You "Do It On The Road?"

Here are the contents of my emergency kit. Now all I need is an instant shrinking machine. How do you stuff it all away while still holding onto The Lorax, the stuffed hedgehog, one small mitten and an unsatisfactory assortment of broken crayons? If you are a diabetic Mom, you probably have some tricks up your sleeve...share them!

no suggestions, just empathy! I think we all lug an extra bag o' goodies around.
I have tried so many pocketed bags and, I suppose because I'm a bag house anyway, keep searching for the ultimate carry-all.
Kim, I'm interested in the modification you've done with clothing. Firstly, because I think it's cool that you can sew. But also because I'm interested in how such a DIY activity might be empowering. I think the recent resurgence in crafting is connected to Thirdwave feminism and Mommy Pride (yeauh!). But the crafting mods you've done with your insulin pump add a whole new spin on it--that has to do with health and the body. Maybe you should post on one of the crafting blogs about about this or to one of the flickr crafting groups?
Hey Van! Check this out:

Keep talking to me about that stuff - I think crafting is so empowering, scientific, satisfying.
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