Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Mott Street Sugarstorm or Why I Should Always Carry Glucose


Standing at a Quest Diagnostics counter in Chinatown I have a realization. There is no way in hell that the receptionist's estimate of a 30 minute wait is possible. The people in the waiting room are even sitting slowly, somehow, and some ├╝ber-stylista is having trouble with her forms while she tries to call Quest on her cell phone and rudely yells at the over-worked receptionist at the same time....I have 45 minutes.....I start feeling a little low....ugh. This was one of my precious 45 minutes, one that won't come again for days, one that I already resented wasting in a waiting room and was now going to waste on NOT getting the test I needed in that waiting room. Start feeling lower. I remember that I worked out a little more that usual (i.e. at all) at the gym this morning. OK, I think, I'm outta here. I go downstairs to that strange curvy part of Mott. I need sugar. I ate my tube of InstaGlucose and forgot to replace it last week. I search between the dangling good luck dogs and knock-off toys. My brain on glucose would know what I was looking at, but I am feeling dizzy and dazzled by the tchokes. I don't know what any of this stuff is! My glucose-free brain is confused; is there candy in that store? in that one? is that candy? is that???? Finally I see an enourmous red smoothie thing at an ice cream shop. I order it, I drink it. I walk away. Eww. Eww Eww Eww. In one more block I realize I was right next to a store with juice. JUICE! Insta-glucose "1", random candy "0."

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