Monday, April 03, 2006


Sugar Keeps the Poor Poor and then...makes them even more poor

While looking at articles about middle class economics, I ran across this amazing quote. I guess today you could substitute "Big Sugar" for the owners of health care companies - a la S. 1955 and its so-called "affordability" scheme. But when the ultra-rich companies diminish the ability of the average American to care for its health (via diet, or test strips, or access to parks (see below)), they are guarunteed a pay-out. We have to buy more healthcare from them or die. Remember, only 10 U.S. senators reported a net worth of under $100,000. They cannot relate to this problem without hearing from us.

"In 1924, the mansions of Long Island's North Shore were still in their full glory, as was the political power of the class that owned them. When Gov. Al Smith of New York proposed building a system of parks on Long Island, the mansion owners were bitterly opposed. One baron -- Horace Havemeyer, the ''sultan of sugar'' -- warned that North Shore towns would be ''overrun with rabble from the city.'' ''Rabble?'' Smith said. ''That's me you're talking about.'' In the end New Yorkers got their parks, but it was close: the interests of a few hundred wealthy families nearly prevailed over those of New York City's middle class" - Paul Krugman, 2002

"We'll sue the pants off of them! And then sell them pants." - Mr. Show

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