Monday, June 26, 2006


20th Anniversary with Diabetes

The end-of-the-year school blitz is over, I can once again blog to my heart's content. I have been catching up on my reading and come across so many great ideas/news items, etc. Here's a question I liked; I am coming up to my 20th anniversary with Diabetes in September '06 (thanks Kassie!)

"Twenty pretty cool things that I have done in the twenty years since I was diagnosed with diabetes..." These are chronological, and I'll try to keep it short!

1. Dealt with the news as a 16 year old, and went right back to school in one week.
2. Left my parents in Boston and New Jersey and went to Queens University in Canada, got a Bach. of Science in Biology, and experienced Canadian Health care for Type 1s
3. Moved to New York City (good) and found out how much the American Medical System sucks (bad)
4. Traveled around the world, was able to take 2 small lunch bags full of hypodermic needs through every airport without one question!! Not even in Thailand.
5. Worked for about 4 billion environmental organizations in NYC trying to find myself
6. Got a graduate degree from NYU in my "spare" time.
7. Moved all over New York City and explored every corner of this megalopoplis - Williamsburg was the most fun.
8. Walked into a classroom full of 13 year olds, never expecting to find myself, and did.
9. Met Super Hot Cartoonist Man
10. Survived 4 seizures and started to experience long-term diabetes issues.
11. "Discovered" my favorite vacation spot and started going there to bike, camp, whale watch and star gaze when ever I could.
12. Married Super Hot Cartoonist Man, who turned out, under the mask, to be Super Supportive Cartoonist Man
13. Survived a diabetic pregnancy through sheer will while working the entire time
14. Had my sparkling-tornado-super-star daughter, who was healthy, thank the powers that be.
15. Got an insulin pump and mostly got over my fear of seizures
16. Survived the tornado being an infant
17. Got a grant to take pictures for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in Portugal and Spain
18. Kept on being a mom, diabetic, commuter, teacher, writer, artist, wife, vegetarian, liberal, etc.
19. Kept on going. This deserves two!
20. Started some therapeutic venting through Siwgrstorm - soon to be move the Sugarstorm!!! ( [announcement following soon]

This is terrific! Thanks for sharing!
I am so proud of you.
What a wonderful reminder about how much we can accomplish when we take hold of our own lives and don't let the down days rule! I am proud of you and inspired by you.
Kim, This is inspiring! I am in awe...
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