Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Its here~

Well, the new 522 (I think I had the model # wrong before) is now - on me....I have a lot of reading to do, more than I expected! I'm very impressed with the Bolus Wizard calculator, which is new to me. Have any of you had to adjust your "active insulin time?" I read an interesting article on Diabetesnet.Com about how the timing is often underestimated. Any thoughts? Hope all is well out there in the IDDM-world for you all.


Did you just get the 522, or did you also get the real-time meter? And if you got the meter, did your insurance agree to cover it?

I'm meeting with my endo in the morning and I want to talk with her about the 522 and about symlin, so I'm trying to learn as much as I can about both in advance.


I got the Real Time Meter, but not the Glucose Sensor. Minimed told me, however, that they expect to get more insurance agencies to cover it within the next 9 months, so I am looking forward to hearing news about that - I will get it if its covered. In the mean time, the BD Logic meter beams my BG to the pump prior to a bolus, and alarms for a post meal test. Its very nifty!
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