Tuesday, August 08, 2006


New Pump Coming in the Mail Today.....

I am excited about getting this new pump (pump system?) today. My 511, apparently, is out of date, no longer servicable. Anyone have tips for the upgrade?

Hi there

For a second, I thought this was a 512, but now I realize it's the 515.

I'm not sure what you mean by tips for the upgrade. I assume you're wondering about how best to use it.

I think the 511 didn't have the Bolus Wizard feature and that seems like the big key improvement in the 512 onwards.

In order to use that effectively you've really got to know how long the Humalog or Novolog you're using hangs around for because the wizard uses this 'active insulin time' to figure out how much residual insulin you have when you're making future corrections.

I'm not a CDE so I can't tell you how to figure out this active insulin time safely. I'm also stuck with a 512 at present which has a present active insulin time, so I've never been able to change that to date.

For me, the next most important thing is to figure out the carb ratios (insulin needed to cover an amount of food) and the insulin sensitivity (insulin needed to correct a high blood sugar). You probably already have a good idea of that, but the 515 will allow you to set these ratios for different times of the day.

Start carefully. In my opinion you're better off with a morning, mid-day, and evening set of ratios all set to the same values. Then big the one where you're more regular in terms of what and when you eat, and fine tune that one before moving on to another one.

Also, my CDE always says get the basal rates right and then the rest is easier to configure. I may even be able to get her notes on how to do that if it would help.

Hope this gives you food for thought. Best of luck with the new pump!
Thanks so much for your thoughts! Actually, I have the wrong picture up there - I have a 522 now! Hooray. The active insulin time will be a challenge, but I will test carefully. Its funny how exciting it is to get a new pump!
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