Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Summer Pumping Issue #2

On the way to my "surprise birthday event" with my husband he said something hilarious - "I don't want to give my secret away, but how would you keep your pump dry for 2 hours anyway?"....Hmmmmm. Driving by a huge billboard for white water tubing down the Esopus Creek gave the whole thing away. We stopped in a local camping store and bought a water proof bag and double wrapped my pump. I wore a pair if cargo pants and put my pump into the side pocket, took the bus to the drop off point and WHOOSH! I was hurled down the river 2 1/2 miles. It was insanely fun. I thought it would be leisurely, but it was like an amusement park ride! I was bumped out of the tube twice and even got stuck in a tree!! Anyway, when we returned to the river bank we checked on the pump status - - NOT DRY. Not soaked, still working, but not dry. I was relieved that my pump was water resistant. But if you've ever considered a canoe bag for your pump, I would suggest getting that gummy earplub material to wrap around the tubing and then using a hard case with a hole drilled in it instead of a flexible one. And then, definitely go down the river!!!

Sounds like a fabulous birthday!
surprises are the best!

Would wax work?
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